Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Injections...The New Chapter...

So I start Follistim injectables this cycle. I am good mix of excitement and nerves. I really want this to work. But as always it might not. Oh and the best part- BG giving me the shots. He did really well the other day when the nurse was teaching him. I think he will do great!
Lately my anxiety has been at a minimum. Which I am thankful for. Prayer and petition works. Everyday I face a struggle of some sort but God gets me through it.
Gonna be a busy week! Brittany and Josh are moving and we are helping!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

manolo blahnik shoes

I want them. Badly.

who knew...

That you would rather have a job pushing food to ungrateful customers then a cushy desk job. So much for a easy job at a car dealership. I hate this place. Even the person that got you the job that you have been friends with turn on you. I literally put in applications at restraunts today. I mean honestly its good money and I have done it before. And if I want to have a baby i have to keep a job NO MATTER WHAT. Infertility is exspensive business.

And in other news...Betas on Thursday. Maybe baby?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I wonder if they know...

My kidneys that is. My one obsession since the gout. I wonder if they know that I constantly and obsessively worry about them. That I worry about how often I pee. And when my back hurts...forget in a state of panic.
Wonderful way to get pregnant huh? I know this is a step by step process but I cant help but wonder if I am never going to be calm again. Will my anxiety ever go away?

Friday, February 5, 2010

PCOS can kiss my ASS.

Sugar this sugar that. I HAVENT HAD A EFFING SODA IN A MONTH! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT UNIVERSE??? Dear Clomid- Thanks for making things worse. Dear Metformin- please go easy on my when I start taking you again. And thank you IRL FRIENDS for not giving a flying fuck. appreciate it.

Monday, February 1, 2010

All Clear!!

FINALLY! I got GOOD news! My HSG was great! The septum was repaired! All of it! I am so glad that I can put it past me and never ever have to worry about it again. I feel blessed today. I think things are looking up. I had a little panic this morning but nothing compared to what it has been. He saw a air bubble and I made him promise me it wasent a tumor. LOL! But I think I am finally learning a little trust. These are the best doctors in the SE, it doesnt get better than this.
I have been a bad blogger lately. I need to keep writing and keeping all the bad thoughts out of my head.
Love you all.